Personal Banking : MMA

Money Market accounts are interest bearing checking accounts.  These accounts are different in that you must maintain monthly minimal balances to avoid fees and to receive the interest rate.  Rates differ by account and also may differ within an account type depending on your account balance.

Wisconsin MMA Info

Money Market Checking and NOW Checking are only available to personal customers, sole proprietors, and for non-profit companies. 

Account Type

Minimum to Open

Minimum Balance

Fee If Balance Drops Below Minimum 

Maximum Withdrawals*

Money Market Checking $2,500 $750 $7.50 per month No maximum
Money Market Investment $2,500 $500 $7.50 per month 6
Money Management Account $2,000 $2,000 $10.00 per month 6
NOW Checking $500 $500 $7.50 per month No maximum
 * During any calendar month, you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours or to a third party by means of preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instruction, or by check, draft, debit card or similar order to a third party.  If you exceed the transfer limitations in any statement period, your account will be subject to closure by the financial institutions.  This applies to Money Market Investment and Money Management Accounts.


Account Type

Account Balance 

Interest Rate** 


Money Market Checking  N/A 0.01% 0.01% 
Money Market Investment $0-$9,999.99 0.05%  0.05% 
Money Market Investment $10,000 & up 0.15% 0.15% 
Money Management Account $0-$9,999.99 0.05%  0.05% 
Money Management Account $10,000-$24,999.99 0.15%  0.15% 
Money Management Account $25,000 & up 0.25% 0.25%
NOW Checking N/A 0.01% 0.01%
*APY – Annual Percentage Yield
**Interest rates may change after the account is opened

Texas MMA Info

Account Type

Minimum to Open

Minimum Balance to Maintain 

Fee if Balance Drops Below Minimum 



Maximum Transactions***

Money Market $2,500 $2,500 $5.00 0.010% 0.010% Must maintain $2,500 to obtain APY 6
*APY – Annual Percentage Yield
**Interest rates may change after account is opened
***Transfers from Money Market account or another account or to third parties by preauthorized automated, telephone or computer transfer or by check, draft or similar order to third parties are limited to six per statement.