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O/P Banking : Mobile Banking FAQs

MobiTellerIconHow should I search for the app?
You should search for “FNB MobiTeller” or “First National Bank MobiTeller” in either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

I don’t have a NetTeller ID, can I still use MobiTeller?
Sorry, but you need to have a NetTeller ID in order to use MobiTeller.  Fill out an online application by clicking here or click here to download and fill out a paper application and return to one of our convenient branches.

How do I get started?
There are a number of ways to get started. Once you have a NetTeller ID and password, you can:

  1. Go straight to the Apple App Store or Google Play, search for “FNB MobiTeller” and download. Sign in, accept the agreement, select your text settings and start using the app.
  2. Go to from your mobile device. Click on “Secure Online Banking” and there will be links to take you straight to the app to download from either app store. Click on the appropriate one and download. Sign in, accept the agreement, select your text settings and then start using the app.
  3. Alternatively, from within NetTeller, go to Options>Mobile Settings. Here you can accept the agreement, select your text settings and select which NetTeller accounts you will be able to see in the mobile app. You will then need to download the app to your device using either option a) or b) above.

What if I don’t want to download the app?  Is there a mobile friendly alternative?
If you don’t want to download the app, that’s fine! From your phone or tablet, go to our site and then click the “Login” button which will take you straight to the mobile friendly version of NetTeller.  You will need to accept the agreement in order to continue.  Alternately, you can go to NetTeller and go to Options > Mobile Settings.  Here enroll in mobile banking.

What if I don’t want to use the app and I don’t want to use the mobile friendly version of NetTeller from my phone or tablet?
From, select the main menu from your phone or tablet.  (The main menu is the 3 white horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of the website.)  The bottommost menu item is “Traditional NetTeller”.  This will take you to the traditional NetTeller on whatever device you are accessing it from.

Why should I turn on “Text Message Alerts”?  What does that mean?
Some confirmations text are sent through here. If it is on, you will get a text when you enroll or make changings to your Mobile settings.  If this is on and you are using the mobile friendly version (not the app), Bill Pay confirmations or transfer confirmations will be sent through text.

What functionality will be within the mobile app (MobiTeller)?
You can still see your balance, see past transactions, and transfer money.  You can deposit checks. If you have BillPay, you can make payments (you cannot set up payees).  If you have a debit card through our bank, you can report that debit card stolen/lost or suspend your debit card.  You can view the 2 most recent statements.

Can the mobile app remember my username and password?
We currently have the app configured that it will not remember your username and password. You will need to type it in each time.  This is for your security (and ours)!

Is there any functionality I can do for my debit card through mobile banking?
You can report your card lost/stolen. You can suspend your card.

What does “suspend” debit card mean?  What will happen to my card?
Say you’ve misplaced your card and you just aren’t sure where it is, suspend that card! If you suspend your card, your card will be set to inactive.  If you’ve lost it in the laundry or somewhere else where it hasn’t been out of your possession, give us a call and we will discuss activating it again.  If you find it somewhere else, the card may have been compromised, therefore we will need to shut it down and issue a new one to you.  This is for your protection and ours.

Can I deposit checks through mobile banking?
Yes!  You can deposit checks but only through MobiTeller.  You must download the app from Google Play or the App Store in order to have this functionality.  For Apple users, you must be on version 3.28 and for Android users, you must be on version 3.30.  If you downloaded the app prior to August 25, 2016, make sure you update.

The agreement is too long to read on my phone.  How can I get the document in another way so that I can read it?
Easy! Click here to download the pdf when you are on a computer.  Or if you prefer, call the bank and we can either email or mail you a copy.