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O/P Banking : Mobile Banking

First National Bank has mobile options for you to do your banking from your smartphone or tablet. These options are only available to those customers that have signed up for NetTeller.  You must have a NetTeller username and password in order to use Mobile Banking.  (If you do not have one, sign up Here!)  Please note that the information applies to both phones and tablets but for simplicity sake, we only will use the word phone below.

There are 3 options for Mobile Banking:

  • Download MobiTeller. MobiTeller is First National Bank’s online banking app. You can download MobiTeller from the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching for “FNB MobiTeller” and then download. Once you have it on your phone you can then use your NetTeller username and password to sign in.
  • If you would rather not download the app to your phone, navigate to our website from your phone ( From there, select “Secure Online Banking” and then go to “Login”. This will take you to a mobile “friendly” version of NetTeller. Less information will be displayed than the traditional and the information will fit better on the small screen of a phone. This mobile friendly version is also called AirTeller.
  • If you would rather see everything that the traditional NetTeller gives you on your phone, we have that option too! Navigate to on your phone and then select the main menu. The main menu is in the upper right hand corner of the screen and is a green square with 3 horizontal lines. At the bottom of the main menu is “Traditional NetTeller”.

With having so many options available to you, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the difference? Why would I choose one over the other?”  This is a great question and we have put together the chart below to help you in understanding the different options.  Please note, that functionality is constantly being upgraded in these different options so there may be additional functionality that may not be noted here.

Traditional NetTeller MobiTeller (FNB’s app) AirTeller (Mobile Friendly NetTeller)
Get Balances Yes! Yes! Yes!
Get Statements Yes!  You can also view and sign up for eStatements. Yes!  You can only view the 2 most recent statements.  These statements will not include check images. No
View Past Transactions Yes!  From here you can also view a check/deposit image. Yes!  From here you can also view a check/deposit image. Yes!  However you cannot see check/deposit images.
Make Transfers Between Accounts Yes! Yes! Yes!
Deposit Checks No Yes!  If you sign up for our mobile deposit, you will have the ability to take pictures of checks and deposit them through the app, eliminating trips to the bank. No
Use Bill Pay Yes!  You can create new payees, and pay existing payees. Yes!  You will be only be able to pay existing payees.  You cannot create new ones (this is for security purposes). Yes!  You will only be able to pay existing payees.  You cannot create new ones (this is for security purposes).
Manage Debit Cards Yes!  You can report your card as lost or stolen.  You can also suspend your debit card. Yes!  You can report your card as lost or stolen. No
Set up/View Alerts Yes!  You can set up and/or view alerts. You can only view alerts.  You cannot set them up. You can only view alerts.  You cannot set them up.
Change Password and other Account Settings Yes!  You have full functionality to change your email address, your password, your NetTeller ID. You can only change your password here and select what your default landing page is within MobiTeller.  You cannot change your email address and you cannot change your NetTeller ID. No
Download Required to your phone/tablet No Yes No
Accessible from a Computer Yes No No

Just like your toolbox at home, there are certain tools here that work better for certain jobs. If you’re going to be spending lots of time doing research and balancing your checkbook, the traditional NetTeller will probably work best for you.  Are you out and about and just want to know if your paycheck was automatically deposited and for what amount?  MobiTeller or the mobile friendly version (AirTeller) will work well when this is all you need.  Do you have a check that you want to deposit but you don’t want to run to the bank?  Again, MobiTeller can make that happen!

Sometimes the best way to understand which option is best for you is to try them out for yourself, or call our Bookkeeping Department (715-258-8381) in our Waupaca office to ask our staff. We also have a number of other pages on our site to help you learn about our online banking tools:

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