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O/P Banking : Did You Know?

Did you know…

The NetTeller home page can be modified and customized for your personal use! You can get a more updated look, that looks like this:

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to NetTeller as normal
  2. In the upper left hand corner, under the large “NetTeller” button, click on “My NetTeller”
  3. You then will have the new look! Here you can click on the “Configure This Page” link to decide which widgets you want on your My NetTeller page.  Additionally, each widget has a gear button on it, so that you can decide which accounts you see within the widget.  Customize the page to your particular wants and needs.  Once you are done, make sure you click on the “Set As Start Page” checkbox so that you are automatically brought to this page the next time you sign in to NetTeller.  For detailed information on configuring My NetTeller, please see our User Guide.

Did you know…

You can change your NetTeller ID!

Don’t like memorizing and typing the 717…. Number? There are many people like you!  Within NetTeller, go to Options and under the “Modify Login Information” section you can create a new NetTeller ID.

Did you know…

You can set your FNB Debit card as Lost/Stolen or you can Suspend the card using NetTeller and MobiTeller.

Within MobiTeller, go to the main menu and select Manage Cards.  Select the card and then you can either choose “Report Lost or Stolen” or you can choose “Suspend Card.”  A suspended card may be reactivated by FNB customer service if you later find the card and it hasn’t been out of your possession.
Within NetTeller, go to Options > ATM/Debit Card, check the box for “Lost/Stolen” and click Submit.

Did you know…

You can change the number of days back of transactions that display by default in NetTeller and MobiTeller. We recently (January 2017) changed the default for all customers to show 30 days back by default.  However, if you prefer to see just 15 or 7, you can change it!  Within NetTeller, go to Options > Display and then change the Transactions line to “Last 7 days” or “Last 15 days” and click Submit.  We do not recommend selecting “All” as this can produce timeout errors on MobiTeller.

Did you know…

You can change how accounts are named in NetTeller. By default, when an account comes in to NetTeller it is given a generic name like “SAV 0001” or “PERS CK 0002”.  You can change these!  In NetTeller, go to Options > Account.  Here you will see the listing of accounts and can give the accounts more meaningful names, “Personal Checking” or “Joe’s Savings”.  We do not recommend naming the account with the actual account number for security purposes.