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Equifax Data Breach

You have likely heard about the recent Equifax data breach, as this unfortunate event affects approximately 44% of Americans. Equifax was compromised and the personal information of approximately 143 million consumers was stolen. The information leaked may include: Consumer names Social Security numbers Birthdates Addresses Driver’s license numbers This was NOT a compromise of First…


How to Plan for Early Retirement

If you want to retire early, your investment strategy may need to be a little different from a person who plans to keep working well into his or her 60s and beyond. That’s because with many retirement savings plans, including 401(k)s and IRAs, you could be charged a tax penalty if you withdraw money before…


The Cost of Raising a Child From Cradle to Adulthood

Raising a child takes patience, understanding — and about $245,340, based on the latest estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s the average cost to care for a child from birth to age 18 for a middle-income family, as calculated by the USDA in a recent report on family expenditures. The estimate excludes prenatal health…


Getting Hitched Doesn’t Need to Mean Marrying Finances

Marriage generally implies that two homes and lives become one. Should it also involve a complete merging of earnings, assets and expenses? With money arguments being one of the leading causes of failed marriages, combining finances can be scary. For some couples it’s the right approach, but there are several other options. The traditional approach…


Email Phishing Alert

We have received reports that an email posing as 1st National was received by some of our customers.  This is what the email looks like: Please be advised that: We are not changing our website We will never ask you to update information online in this manner Do not click on the links contained in…


It’s Not Too Late to Plan a Summer Family Vacation

The school year is winding down and temperatures are warming up. That can only mean one thing: summer vacation. But as you glance between browser tabs — from the beach picture you bookmarked on that travel site to your bank balance — a summer getaway suddenly begins to feel worlds away. Your dreams of sunshine…


Bank First National Corporation to Acquire Waupaca Bancorporation, Inc

Company Release – 05/12/2017 Highlights of the Announced Transaction Strengthens Bank First’s franchise in Wisconsin Adds high quality core deposit franchise Significant efficiency improvement opportunities anticipated MANITOWOC, Wis. and WAUPACA, Wis., May 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –Bank First National Corporation (OTC Pink: BFNC), the parent company of Bank First National, announced today the signing of a…


IRS Tax Refunds

The IRS is expected to send out more than 100 million tax refunds this year. If you’re among the recipients, you owe it to yourself to put the money to good use. Sock it away in retirement savings, pay off debt or even spend a little and set the rest aside until you have a…


NetTeller Look / Feel Changing 4/3/17

The look and feel of the internet based NetTeller (that you view from a computer) will be changing the morning of 4/3/17. The functionality and where items are located will remain the same.  However the colors, borders, backgrounds and fonts will be slightly different starting on this date.


Key Tax-Preparation Tips to Cut Stress

Although it comes around every spring, tax season tends to inflict the same headaches year after year. To reduce your stress — and maximize your refund — it’ll help to stay organized and be aware of recent changes to the tax code. For additional motivation to get on track, keep in mind that the average…