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C/A Banking : Remote Deposit Capture

General Information

What is it?

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is an innovative payment solution that allows you to make deposits electronically when it is convenient for you, without ever having to leave your office. Simply scan the checks through the RDC scanner and transmit the deposit using a secure web connection. The funds are generally available to you the next business day.

How does RDC work?

Instead of mailing or bringing in your deposits to First National Bank, use Remote Deposit Capture right from your desk. Simply log in to First National Bank’s Customer login at SSl Select Payment and follow the steps.

What are the steps involved?

  1. XYZ Company receives payments by check in the mail or at its office.
  2. XYZ Company performs its normal remittance processing routine.
  3. Checks are then typically provided to the Company’s treasury area, where XYZ Company prepares a deposit (i.e. determines the number of checks and calculates the deposit amount)
  4. XYZ Company scans the checks using a desktop scanner, provided by First National Bank.
  5. The check images are captured and the system transmits the deposit to First National Bank through the Internet connection. (Data is encrypted)
  6. First National Bank receives the image deposit file, posts to XYZ Company’s account, and assigns availability based upon the agreed availability schedule.

While there may still be paperwork and data entry to be done on the business end during the remittance process, there is no longer a need to physically deliver the checks to the bank. This alone reduces time and money for the business, making its operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Who is eligible for Remote Deposit Capture/Check Deposit?

Business who have a checking account that has been open for at least 30 days are eligible for the RDC service if they are qualified by their Loan Officer.


The Standard Monthly Fee for RDC customers is $25. There is also a fee for the cost of the scanner. There would be an additional fee if you decide to use the ACH services. All of this information is covered in our application for RDC.

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Can all checks be deposited via Remote Deposit Capture?

All checks are eligible to be deposited using RDC as long as the items are a U.S. check and have a fully encoded MICR line (the numbers and symbols at the bottom of the check: they include the routing number, account number, and serial/check number).  International (example: Canadian) checks are not eligible.  As always, international items must be deposited through a branch office.

Do I still need to endorse the checks I’m depositing?

No, RDC can place a virtual endorsement on the image of the check.

What happens to the checks after I scan them?

When a check is scanned using RDC, images of the front and back of the check are taken.  These images will be sent as an Image Replacement Document (IRD) and will be processed as if it were a paper item brought in to the bank.  You are required to keep the physical checks in a secure location for 30 days.  After that time, they must be destroyed using a shredder or burned.

What is the cut-off time for processing the checks?

Checks may be deposited at any time, however, if you would like the deposit credited to your account today, the deposit must be submitted by 2 pm central time.

Will I have access to the check images after I deposit them through the scanner?

After a check has been scanned, the images are available to you at the RDC website provided to you.  You can refer to them after they have been deposited or even print copies of individual checks.

Are reports available?

Reports are available to you using the RDC website.  These reports can be tailored to include only the information that you need.

How many checks can I transmit per day and is there a limit on the amount I can transmit in a day?

Our system has a virtually unlimited capacity, however, these parameters will be discussed and agreed upon when your account is set up through your Loan Officer.

Can I transmit multiple batches into multiple accounts on the same day?

Yes, you can transmit as many items and as many batches as you choose and into any account that has been validated for RDC as long as the number of items and the deposit amount is within the parameters agreed upon by your Loan Officer.

What happens if I deposit a check more than once?

Your business is responsible for the duplicate.  The RDC website has built in safeguards to prevent that same item from being deposited more than once online.  However, if a check is deposited online and at a branch, our backend system will detect the duplicate check.  And, the amount of the duplicate item will be debited from your account.

How do I know if my financial institution received my deposit?

You will receive a notification by email when your deposit has been received.

How will I know if my financial institution processed my deposit?

When your deposit is processed, you will receive a second email notification on the status of your deposit.  You will also be able to see the deposit in your account through our online banking system.  Our deposits for RDC post around 3:45 pm daily.

What if I forget my password or have a question about the remote deposit process?

In either case, you may contact a member of our Bookkeeping department at 715.258.8381.

Scanner Interface Manual

Click here to view the manual. 

Once we take the option to convert your scanner you will just need to follow the steps in the manual to complete the conversion. After the conversion is complete you will notice a couple of modifications to your deposit screens but it should all work the same.

Prior to the conversion you will want to set up the Compatibility View on your computer. The instructions on how to do this is also included in the manual that I will be emailing you. The conversion process will start on Mon Feb 2. After we take the option to convert your scanner the next time you log in you will see a “Where Are My Links?” message and you will just have to complete the steps on your computer.