Posted on by Lana Alleman

We have received reports that an email posing as 1st National was received by some of our customers.  This is what the email looks like:

Please be advised that:

  • We are not changing our website
  • We will never ask you to update information online in this manner
  • Do not click on the links contained in this email, it is a scam
  • Always navigate to to obtain our true website and to connect to our internet banking

Unfortunately, emails like this are very prevalent in our online environment that we live in today.  They may not look exactly like the one above.  There are many people out there looking to trick innocent people into handing over their confidential information.  Be ever watchful and careful.  If something doesn’t look right, question it.  Call the bank (or organization) that sent it directly using their published phone number and verify its legitimacy.  If something is asking for confidential information that you did not initiate it is probably a phishing scam.

Think Before You Click.