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First National Bank is Dedicated to Protecting our Customers From Fraud.

In this day and age, it is ever important to be careful in using ATMs, email and text. Skimmers are an ever growing method that fraudsters use to steal card numbers and PINs. When using any ATM, if there appears any equipment on the ATM that doesn’t belong, do NOT use the ATM and report it to the business. Skimming devices may be extremely hidden and you may not be able to spot them. Follow these tips to protect yourself from ATM fraud:

  1. Cover your PIN with you hand when you enter it. Hidden cameras are disguised so they can pick up your PIN. By protecting it, ATM thieves can't access your account.
  2. Use familiar ATMs and limit your visits. ATMs in dimly lighted spots or used late at night could be more susceptible to fraud, while ATMs under video surveillance can be safer.
  3. Check bank balances frequently. In this manner, you will see fraudulent charges quickly and can alert the bank.

The bank will never email or text you to ask your card number or PIN. If you ever receive one asking for this information that “appears” to be from First National Bank, please call the bank at the regular number and verify that we sent this information. Fraudsters are able to “spoof” email or texts to make them look and appear that they are coming from First National Bank.

Windows XP to Windows 7 Conversion for ATM Machines

The news media has been warning people about using ATMs that are still using the Windows XP operating system. As most of you are probably aware Microsoft has stopped supporting upgrades and software patches for XP as of April 8, 2014.

All First National Bank ATMs have been upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7.


With your card, note the following advantages:

  • Real-time processing of withdrawals and purchases.
  • Midnight-to-midnight, 24-hour timeframe for limits and auto resets.
  • Convenient PIN change process.
  • Convenient worldwide access to thousands of ATM's.
  • Debit Mastercard offers enhanced value shopper benefits (ask for brochure at your local branch)

There is no phone number to activate your card. You will activate the card by doing a PIN based transaction using the PIN number you will be receiving. There is a sticker on the card that will give these instructions.


Hot Card Lost Stolen Services
After banking hours, call 1-866-546-8273.


To find the First National Bank ATM that is nearest to you, click here or visit the ATM Locations page.